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    Aluminum Dock Board | Available in different sizes

    These have higher capacity than the dock plates extending their features as like:

    ● High grade aluminum “diamond deck” material

  • MrDockplate's Aluminum Dock plate for Pallet Jack and Dolly use.

    PDA: Aluminum Dock Plate | Different Sizes Available

    Dock plates are popular products in industrial market used to cover the difference between dock and trailer. It makes loading and unloading easy and fast. It is to be used with hand, platform or pallet trucks only. Not to be used with forklifts.

    ● High grade aluminum “diamond deck” material
    ● Handles for easy movement of dock plate

  • loading steel dock board with handles

    Steel Dock Board with handles & Side curbs 13,000 LBs Capacity

    Steel dock board for heavy duty work. USE WITH FORKLIFT, PALLET JACK, HAND TRUCK, DOLLY, HAND USE.

    ● Anti-skid diamond tread surface.
    ● Welded Steel Curbs, full length hand grip for safety.
    ● Sides painted with yellow color to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    ● Lifting chains and handles included
    ● Easy to use and move around.