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  • $249.99

    5.6 A frame or 18.5 ft Telescopic Ladder

    Capacity: 300LB

  • $149.99

    PMD L-4X4: Multi Purpose / Multi-function Ladders | 20 FT

    Multi Purpose | Multi-function Ladder is aluminum folding lightweight Ladder. It can be used for any work outside and inside your house: clean windows, paint, decorate, access to your roof.

    • Total Steps: 4 Sections x 3 Steps= 12 Steps
    • Auto Locking Hinges
    • Working Load: 330 LBs
    • “A” Ladder Height: 5.9′ | Platform Height: 3.35′ | Extension Length: 12.4′
  • $39.99

    PMD PSL: Platform Step Ladders

    Multi Purposeful / Multi-function Ladders


    • Width:30 “
    • Length: 12”
  • $99.99$199.99

    PMD TL: Telescopic Ladders | 7FT | 12FT| 17 FT

    Telescopic Ladder is lightweight to carry, compact to store and easy to transport. With the excellent automatic rung locking mechanism, this is one of the most compact Telescopic Ladder on the market.

    • Storage Space: 0.76m (Easy to store it).
    • fully extendable.
    • Usage: accessing lofts, cleaning windows, interior and exterior painting and decorating and many more use.
    • Heavy Duty Strap To secure it for Better Storage
    • Non-Slip Rubber Angled Feet to give great grip in all positions.
    • Notice: Only One Rung can be Lowered at a Time.